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Puntarenas, Costa Rica


In the area you find little picturesque beach places like Montezuma, Mal Pais, Cabuya, Hermosa  and Manzanillo, 

They are all situated along the Pacific Coast. And well accessible with car, quad or motor. Some little towns or villages require you to cross a (small) river or are connected with only 4×4 roads. This makes visiting these little jewels in the area extra interesting! 

The coastline is very beautiful, some area’s covered  with rocks and tropical vegetation giving it a real wild sense. The drive back is never the same as the drive to get there. 

Following the coastline to Manzanillo you will also find tide pools around Hermosa. These are only visible in low tide. That’s when the ocean retreats enough to show its wonders of nature. Beautiful and fresh natural pools between the rocks. Large enough to swim in.

All along the coast between Mal Pais and Hermosa you can walk alongside the ocean on the beach. You will find beach restaurants open for coffee, breakfast or lunch. The walk in the morning is one we really advice you to experience. The birds getting the fish, the surfers taking the wave, the people taking in the sound of the waves, doing yoga, walking their dogs or just enjoying the peace and quiet of the morning in Paradise.

Dry Season (December to march)
Rainfall 5%
Autumn (March - May) showers end of day or night
Rainfall 15%
Rainy Season (June - Aug) Rains mostly nights
Rainfall 30%
Spring (Sept - Nov) Rain during late in day and night
Rainfall 70%
Costa Rica has an exceptional wild life scenery. Even the bugs were interesting!
Carmen F
Family of 4


Tips and Tricks


When you come to Costa Rica, you need to feel, experience and see the real Costa Rica! In our eyes it means have a taste of what it is that makes Costa Rica so popular as a tourist destination. Like surfing, visit the jungle and the beautifull white tropical beaches. But also eat what Tico’s eat, know about their culture, experience real Tico adventure. Enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle, even for a few days.

To ensure you can say after returning home

I really experienced Costa Rica ! 

To get that experience here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Get off the main (paved) roads. Explore by quad, motor or bike. We offer some great guided tours or self guided tours ( ask us for info)
  2. Eat & Drink at a soda (a local restaurant). You will find the food cheap, good and it gives you a taste of Costa Rica
  3. Learn a couple of spanish frases. You will find that the communities really appreciate you trying.
  4. Try and step out of your comfort zone. By stepping out of your comfort zone you experience new things. New foods, new sounds, new connections and new experiences.
  5. Enjoy the different ritme. In this we are referring to the Latin Ritme or the Pura Vida vibee. The Costa Rican Ritme is different and a great lesson for life.
  6. Take advantage of the natural beauty. Endulge yourself with the nature around you! Hear the birds, feel the ocean, see the butterflies, hear the winds and the howler monkeys. 
  7. Turn of your phone and truely connect. With yourself, with others, with animals, with places. Even for just a few hours a day!